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The Other Man Part 1 by Tieduptom

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A Romantic Evening For Two…


The August sun was beginning to set.

I stood in front of the bedroom mirror with a towel wrapped around my waist, water droplets falling down my copper skin.

I held up my shirt options for the evening: an ivory Armani or baby-blue Dolce & Gabbana.

The former seemed to complement my olive eyes, and so it was settled.

As I returned to the bathroom sink and began to sculpt my jet black hair, I glanced at my watch sitting on the counter-top.

Another hour or so until Bradley arrived home from his trip.


I loved my husband.

We had been married for two years, and been in love for two years before that.

We met at the age of twenty-two, both recent university graduates on the verge of new careers, new lives.

Four years later, neither of us had looked at another man.

I pictured him brushing a hand through his short, blonde hair as his chestnut eyes focused on the carousal at the airport, searching for his luggage.

He was returning from a trip to New York, visiting his heartbroken, recently divorced brother.

We had been apart for a week, so I wanted to make his first night home special.


I buttoned up my shirt leaving the top two buttons undone, and tucked it into my black dress trousers.

I heard the oven beeping downstairs.

I padded barefoot down the marble steps to take the chicken out of the oven.

Outside on the back patio, the table had been set for two.


I returned to the bedroom and entered the closet to decide on a pair of dress loafers.

As left the walk-in holding my choice, I froze.

The shoes dropped to the floor by my feet.


He stood tall in the doorway.

A shaved head, white t-shirt, black sweatpants and checkered Vans.

I couldn’t see his eyes behind the sunglasses, but they felt cold.

A messenger bag was slung over his shoulder.

My focus was on the pistol pointing right at me.

“You must be Aiden,” he said in a low voice.




“On the bed, now,” he barked at me.

I slowly crossed the floor to the centre of the room, and sat at the edge of our king-sized bed.

The hair on my neck stood up and I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.

He removed his sunglasses.

His eyes were bloodshot, as though he had been crying.

The left eye twitched every few seconds.

Something was off about this guy.


“Who are you?” I said as calmly as humanly possible.

“No! No questions!” he snapped, causing me to jump.

He stumbled past me, to the closet.

The pistol was on me the whole time.

My legs were starting to shake.

He went into the closet briefly, and emerged again with a pair of white crew socks.

He through them at me and they landed in my lap.

“Unroll them and connect them, tie them in a knot,” he instructed.

When he spoke there was a stutter.

I did as he said.

“Now gag yourself with it,” he stammered, shaking the gun in my face. “Make it tight. Make it really tight.”

I quivered, confused by the uncertainty of the situation.

I placed the knot holding the socks together in my mouth, and tied the whole thing around the back of my head, making it tight just as he wanted.

The socks were thick and sat between my lips, keeping me from speaking.

My hands returned nervously to my lap.


“Now… now move to the head of the bed,” he continued.

I obeyed. My back rested against the headboard.

“Okay… okay I’m putting the gun down,” he explained. “But I swear to god… Like, I swear to fucking god… If you move I’ll fucking kill you. Don’t even try.”

His left eye continued to twitch wildly.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

He reached into his messenger bag and pulled out white hemp rope.

I gulped.

He breathed heavily as he tied my wrists together above my head, and then secured the to the headboard.

I could smell the distinctive odour of gin on his breath.

He then moved down and began to do the same treatment to my ankles, going as far as to tie my two big toes together.

I was in one hell of a pickle now.


As he finished he snatched up his gun again and began waving it in my face.

“You stupid, stupid man,” he spat at me. I looked at him, bewildered.

“You’re so fucking perfect,” he continued to sputter. “And you just had to snatch up the man I love. You couldn’t stand to see anyone else happy but yourself.”

Now he had lost me.

Apparently, this translated to my facial expression.

He pulled the cleave-gag out of my mouth.

“Surprised, are you?” his nose was almost touching mine, he looked disgusted to even look at me.

“Look, buddy,” I started. “Bradley and I have been together for –“

He pushed the gag back into my mouth. I rolled my eyes and stayed silent.

“You and Bradley,” he said mockingly. “What about me and Bradley? He needs to be with me.”

He was on the verge of tears.

I tried to speak through my gag but he covered my mouth with his hand.

“No!” he spat out. “It’s been three months. It’s been three months and he hasn’t returned my calls. Why hasn’t he returned my calls?”

He was starting to sound desperate.

His hand was clammy and shaking against my gagged mouth.

“Did he think he could just fuck me a couple of times and that was all?”

I didn’t believe him. I so did not believe him.

“Is that all he wanted from me?” he hissed as his grip on my mouth tightened.

Maybe he was one of Bradley’s clients.

Maybe he was from the gym and had developed a little crush.

My mind was racing for an explanation.


The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled photo.

It was Bradley, all right.

Fast asleep, naked on a motel bed.

I saw the tattoo on his right shoulder.

The tattoo he had just had done three and half months ago.


The front door opened.


“Aiden?” my husband called from downstairs. "Aiden, I'm home!"

I began to struggle under the man’s grip.

I didn’t care if he shot me.

“Don’t come upstairs!” I tried to scream through the gag, but it came out in a series of muffles.

The man smacked my forehead with the gun.

I felt blood trickle down the side of my face.

“Shhhh,” he hissed into my ear.


“Whatever’s going on in the kitchen smells delicious,” I heard Bradley say as he came up the stairs.

My eyes filled with tears.

My heart was beating faster with every footstep I heard him make.


He walked into the bedroom beaming, lighting up the room briefly with a smile.

The smile faded in an instant.

He dropped his suitcase as his eyes met mine.

I saw his lips mouth the word, “Aiden.”

He wore a yellow polo t-shirt with blue, faded jeans and brown flip-flops.

His face was covered with horror.

“Peter,” he said in a low voice, directed at my captor. “What the fuck are you doing here?”


To Be Continued...

A First Date Gone Wrong by TiedUpTom (Parts 1,2 and 3)

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Hey this is a story posted by tieduptom from some time ago on the previous webs site i used to have, unfortunatley it was shut down and i am the only one with access to what used to be there so i will moving all the stories over to this site hopefully tieduptom will find his way back to this site one day and continue this truly sexy story...

Part 1

I was just pulling on my checkered, knee-length shorts when the doorbell rang. I'd invited Blake over for some random reason. We'd only talked once or twice and hardly knew each other. Perhaps it was the massive crush I had on him that compelled me to invite him over. I was suprised he even said yes.

I wanted to look my best so I'd put on a white shirt and checkered shorts with white ankle socks. I walked down the stairs and opened the door.

I'd never seen him outside of school before so it took me by suprise over how hot he looked. He stood in all his 6ft 2" glory, wearing a red checkered shirt and tight fitting jeans. He was wearing some white lace-up pumps. I could feel my cock growing so I quickly beckoned him in so I couldn't draw attention to my almost bulging shorts.

"Make yourself at home" I said as I walked into the kitchen to get some drinks, leaving Blake alone in the front room. When I returned, he was sitting on the sofa. He'd taken his pumps off and now had his feet propped up on the coffee table. His feet were concealed in a pair of red and black stripped socks which looked so hot my cock grew even more harder.

I sat down next to him and gave him the drink. He thanked me and went on to take a big gulp from his glass. I took the oppurtunity to peak into his shoes, which he'd left by the side of the sofa where I was sitting.

"Size 13s!" I thought. I was one inch taller than Blake and I was only a Size 12. I envied his big feet.

"So, what do you want to do?" I asked Blake.

"Well, I'd love to know what it is about me thats making you so hard?" he answered. I froze and gave him an embarressed smile.

"Erm, well its just you as a whole. You're so hot". I couldn't believe I was saying this.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself" he replied with a smile.

I returned the smile, which was more eased. Was Blake gay?

I'd always thought that he was straight. He seemed very manly.

"So you're...".

"Gay? I am but I haven't came out yet" he said, finishing my sentence.

"Well, now thats out the way, you've got some amazing feet" I said.

He laughed and then stretched out and grabbed his left sock and pulled it off. My cock started to ache with how hard it is. Blake had one of the most amazing feet I'd ever seen.

"You like?" he asked.

"Oh yeah" I replied, looking down at my bulging shorts.

"Let me help you with that" he said. He took his feet down from off the table and leaned over to me and we began to kiss. Blake was a great kisser.

He had his hand on my bulging cock and he was massaging it slowly.

This had to be the most amazing day of my life. Then, suddenly we heard a click and we both parted from each other and looked up.

Two masked men stood over us with guns.

"Don't move" they said.

We both sat as still as possible. My shorts were still bulging.

"Sorry we had to disrupt your little get-together but we've here to take a look around the place and take anything that tickles our fancy" said the man on the right, who was considerably taller than his colleague.

"Yes, so we're gonna have to tie you two up so you don't get in harms way" added the man on the left,"but first, we need you to strip down to your underwear".

Me and Blake looked at each other, puzzled, but we did as we were told.

We stood up and began to remove our shirts. We were both of the same build. We were both slim. No six-packs or muscles.

We then proceeded to pulling off our socks. Blake only had to take one off due to taking the other off before the intrusion.

Then we pulled down our jeans and shorts. We were both wearing tight undies. Mine being white Calvin boxers with the red elastic waist and Blake's being dark blue boxerbriefs that really complimented his ass a lot.

My cock started to grow again.

"Now thats get you all tied up" said the taller crook. He opened his bag and pulled out a roll of duct tape and proceeded to tie up Blake with it. First his hands, which were tied in front of him. Then his knees and ankles.

Blake strained at the tape that bound him.

"Ha, you're not getting out of that easily" said the shorter crook.

They finished off tying up Blake with a tight tapegag that went around his head five times. He wimpered through his gag.

I was next. They tied me up the same way as they'd tied up Blake but ran out of tape by the time they'd came to gagging me. My cock was at its hardest throughout this whole ordeal. The outline of it was perfectly formed on the surface of my boxers.

"What should we gag him with?" said the shorter crook.

"One of them" replied his colleague, pointing to one of Blake's striped socks on the floor.

The shorter crook knelt down and grabbed one of them. He brought himself back up to my level and made me smell the sock. It smelt absolutely great.

The crook then stretched it out in front of me and placed it in my mouth, brought it round my head and knotted it at the back.

I bit at the sock in my mouth, my teeth clearly visible.

"Don't these two look great?" said the taller crook.

"Yep" replied his colleague,"now you two hop into the kitchen".

We both turned towards the door. It took time with ours legs taped up the way they were. It was hard.

Then we began to hop towards the kitchen, making small moans through our gags with each hop. I noticed as we hopped that Blake's boxerbriefs were bulging too.


Part 2

The taller crook, named Kevin pulled two dining chairs into the middle of the kitchen and arranged them so they were back to back.

Me and Blake had heard them mentioning their names when they were hopping into the kitchen. They were whispering to each other. The other, shorter, crook was named Matt.

"Sit" said Kevin, pointing at the chairs.

We hop to the chairs and fall into them. Matt is already running around the kitchen, closing the blinds so that their two tied up captives wouldn't get noticed.

"Do we have any coils of rope in that bag?" Kevin asks Matt.

"I think we do? Why?" Matt replies.

"We need to secure these two to the chairs" Kevin answers.

Matt goes to the bag and pulls out two long coils of rope and tosses them to Kevin who then starts to wind it round both of our chests, tightly.

"That should do the trick" says Kevin, who is now looking at us, smiling.

We start to plead through our gags and struggle.

"Kevin, why don't you stay here whilst I take a look around the place?" says Matt.

"Yeah, ok" Kevin replies. Matt leaves the kitchen.

Kevin grabs another chair from the table and puts it in front of me and sits on it. I fall silent, staring into his green eyes. Blake continues to moan through his duct tape gag.

"I see you're enjoying this" says Kevin. My cock is still hard.

Kevin grabs the top of my boxers and slowly pulls them down. My hard cock jumps out. Kevin smiles.

"Very nice" he says in a rather seductive way.

He then takes his hand to my cock and starts to jerk it off, slowly. I start to moan slowly. I can hear Blake's head moving from side to side, obviously trying to see what's happening on my side.

Kevin starts to jerk me off faster and my moans escalate to loud groans.

He sees that I'm enjoying it and takes the jerking off to a faster level and before I know it I'm screaming through my gag as I came a loud all over my chest and stomach.

"Very good" says Kevin, "exactly how I like my captives to react when I service them". I sit limp in the chair, exhausted.

"Now I should deal with your boyfriend. He's been making a lot of noise".

Kevin walks to Blake's side and kneels down in front of him.

"You're making a heck of a lot of noise" says Kevin, who puts his hand over Blake's gagged mouth, "you made it really hard for me to enjoy jerking off your little friend behind you".

Suddenly, Matt comes running into the Kitchen carrying a cardboard box. He'd found it!

"Kevin, look what I found under this guy's bed" he said, pointing at me.

Kevin left Blake and walked over to the table where Matt had set down the box and started removing the contents.

Out came ballgags, various tapes, rope and bandannas.

"Well, you sure like bondage, don't you?" Kevin asked me.

I couldn't help but nod.

"This will definately come in handy in shutting your boyfriend up" continued Kevin. I started to worry about exactly what they had planned for Blake.

After returning all of the gear back into the box, Kevin returned to Blake with a ballgag, some red duct tape and a coil of rope.

He untied the ropes binding us to the chair and then ordered Blake to get up.

"Now don't make a sound" I heard Kevin say to Blake.

Then I heard the removing of duct tape. They'd taken off Blake's gag.

"Do you wanna see this?" asks Matt, looking at me.

I don't reply but he still wheels the chair around so I'm facing Blake.

My crush has changed quite a lot since he first arrived. His body is very sweaty due to the struggling and his underwear bulge is still present.

"Use some of the duct tape to secure him to the chair, Matt" says Kevin, "I don't plan on setting him up in another position".

Matt rummages through my bondage box and pulls out some silver duct tape and winds it around my chest and the back of the chair seven times. I struggle but the tape is so tight, I can hardly move.

"Now, lets get..what's your name?" asks Kevin of Blake.

"Blake" he mumbles.

"Well, lets get Blake regagged" says Kevin, with a grin on his face.

Kevin shoves the ballgag in Blake's mouth and fastens it at the back of his head and then winds the red tape around Blake's head about ten times.

"Now, that sound keep you quiet" laughs Kevin.

Kevin cuts the tape around Blake's wrists and repositions his hands behind his back and ties his hands with the silver duct tape that Matt has just passed him.

Kevin then cuts the tape around Blake's thighs with some scissors and orders him to hop to the table. I'm wheeled around again once he's there.

"Now, because of you not being able to shut up earlier, I thought I'd put you in a really tight hogtie. That'll keep you busy" says Kevin.

Blake pleads through his gag.

"What's done is. No way you're getting out of this" Kevin replies.

Kevin loads Blake onto the table and rolls him onto his stomach. Using the rope he took from my box earlier, he connects one end to the tape binding Blake's wrists. I'd noticed how Kevin had picked one of the shortest coils of rope in the box. There wasn't much slack left after he'd tied it to the tape around Blake's wrists.

Kevin then grabbed Blake's feet and pulled them up. My cock grew hard.

It was the first time I'd really properly seem Blake's feet. They were beautiful. Not only were they big but his toes were long and totally suckable. His arches were deep and perfectly shaped. I wanted to have them so badly.

All the daydreaming had made me oblivious to what Kevin had done next.

He'd connected the other end of the short rope to the tape binding Blake's ankles and Blake was moaning loudly into his gag.

Blake's upper body was bending backwards, straining at the really, really tight hogtie Kevin had put him in. Blake was squirming, rolling from side to side.

I hadn't noticed it before but Kevin's jeans were bulging.

"Now that we've dealt with you, I think we'll regag your boyfriend and then leave you to have a look around" says Kevin who rubs the bulge in his jeans.

Kevin pulled out a ballgag from my box. I noticed it as being my favourite ballgag. Kevin unknotted Blake's sock and took it out my mouth but before I could make any sound, the ballgag was thrust into my mouth and fastened at the back.

"Now boys, be quiet and you won't get hurt" says Matt and the two crooks leave.


Ten minutes later, I'm looking at Blake who is now lying on the table, exhausted from trying to escape the hogtie. He looks wantingly into my eyes. I want more than anything to free him from that tight hogtie and with that I start to lash out at the tape binding me.

"Its definately tight but with a little provoking, it should start loosening" I thought. But after a while, I was still in the same position.

"I can't give up" I thought and I keep on trying. After what felt like forever, suddenly, the tape binding my ankles together broke off and I could move my feet.

"Right" I thought, "now lets get to the Kitchen counter behind me and try and get those scissors".

Blake has undoubtedly perked up by this and has started moaning through his gag. I start pushing the chair backwards with my feet and before I know it, I hit into the counter and the scissors are clearly visible. I turn my chair around in the direction of the scissors and then stand up, chair and all, and manage to grab the scissors.

"I've did it" I thought. I start to cut through the tape around my wrists and it breaks. Then I bring the scissors up to the level of my chest and cut through the tape around my chest. Within minutes, I'm unfastening my ballgag and creeping towards Blake.

I start untying him. Kevin sure knew how to do knots.

"This is nothing I can't handle" I thought as I untie the end of the rope tied to Blake's ankles. Blake's upper body uncontorts and he moans through his gag, relieved. I smile at him and then get back to undoing the knots at the other end of the rope which is a much lesser challenge. Then I cut the tape and remove the tape and ballgag from Blake's mouth.

He gets off the table and before I can consult him about what we should do next, he starts kissing me. It felt like a reunion.

"I'm so sorry I invited you over" I whisper to Blake, "you wouldn't have been part of this if I hadn't asked".

"Its fine" he whispers, "and besides, I wouldn't have got to know you a lot more if I hadn't and that would be a tragedy". He smiles.

"Right, so what do we do now?" I ask Blake.

"We tie them up" he replies, with a cheeky grin on his face.

Me and Blake planned our revenge rather carefully.

It was a pretty flawless plan. We would lure the two crooks downstairs and when they entered the front room from the hall, we'd jump them and use the chloroform, that Kevin and Matt had stashed in their bag, and render them unconscious. The rest was a spur of the moment thing from there on.

Firstly, we needed to lure them down so we decided to drop a few glasses that were stood on the kitchen counter. It worked because we heard a scuffle of footsteps from above.

We rushed to the door, positioned ourselves on either side of it with a chloroform-soaked cloth each.

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" I ask Blake.

"Yeah, sure. They're not much older than we are. Probably about 22 or 23 and they're about the same build as us" answers Blake in a confident tone.

Suddenly, the stairs start creaking and we ready ourselves.

The creaking stops, we can hear murmurs and then the door opens.

We grab the two guys and place the cloths over their mouths and noses. They struggle a lot but like Blake said, they weren't any more stronger than us. Before we know it, they're out for the count and we lower them to the floor.

"Well, that was easy" says Blake.

"Yes, it was" I reply, "so how should be tie them up?"

"I know, you take Kevin and I'll take Matt and we can tie them up in whatever way we want" Blake answers.

"Sounds good to me" I say as I'm grabbing Kevin's arms. I drag him to the sofa and sit him on it whilst Blake drags Matt over to the wall and props him up.

I hadn't noticed it but Kevin was a pretty good-looking guy. He had medium-length dark brown hair and eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, black jacket, jeans and a pair of scruffy checkered Vans slip-ons, an odd choice of clothing for a thief. He was tall, about 6ft 5" and judging by the size of his Vans, he had really big feet.

I grabbed his left shoe and slowly pulled it off. His socks were pure black and tight-fitting. I looked inside his shoe and was blown away by what I found.

"Kevin is a size 15!" I said to Blake, astonished.

"Really?!" said Blake who walked over to me and took the shoe from me.

"He is. Wow!" continued Blake, who then took the shoe to his nose and smelt the inside. His cock began to grow in his boxers.

"So, you like feet too?" I asked.

"Heck yeah. When this is all over, I'm gonna have you hogtied on your bed so that I can play with your lovely feet. Yeah, I've been peeking at them since we caught these two" Blake replied. I smiled.

I looked away from Blake and returned my attention to Kevin. I undid the button of his jeans, pulled down the zipper and then yanked them off his legs.

He was wearing a pair of tight boxerbriefs with light and dark blue stripes going vertically across them. I was impressed.

"He sure has good taste in underwear" I said to Blake.

"Yeah, so has Matt" he replied.

I turned around and saw that Matt was wearing a pair of tight white briefs with a black elastic waist.

I returned to removing Kevin's clothes and within five minutes I'd removed his socks, shirt and jacket and was now sitting on the sofa, unconscious still, only in his boxerbriefs. Blake had did the same with Matt.

"So, should we remove their undies and tie them up naked?" I asked Blake.

"No, lets stick to tying them up like this" he replied.

So, we went to the kitchen and grabbed my box of gear and placed it on the coffee table.

"Use whatever you want. After all, whats mine is yours, seeing as we're together now" I told Blake. He kissed me and then took out a few coils of rope and set to tying Matt up. I took some rope and went to Kevin.

First, I tied his ankles and then his legs below the knees and then his thighs. I then tied his hands behind his back and secured his arms by wrapping some rope around his chest.

I turned to Blake to see how he'd tied up Matt and he'd tied him up with revenge in mind. He'd tied him up in a really tight hogtie, using the same short rope that Kevin had used on him when he was being hogtied. However, what differed Blake's and Matt's hogtie was that Blake had tied Matt's big toes together.

"Nice work" complimented Blake.

"You're not bad yourself" I replied.

We both returned to the box and searched for gags. I took a ballgag. The biggest ballgag I had, and Blake had took a bandanna and some black duct tape. We both gagged our captives.

"Done" I said.

"Yes, now we wait" said Blake.

We both looked down at each other undies, and they were bulging.

"I've got an idea to pass the time" I said and me and Blake went to the empty sofa and we both took off our underwear and lay on the sofa, me on top of Blake and we started making out, each of us with a hand on each other's hard cock, jerking it off slowly.

tieduptom please return to complete your story!!!!!!!!!!

Tied!Taped!Tickled!Teased! Part Two The Dungeon

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Tied!Taped!Tickled!Teased! Part One The Abduction

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I woke up, but everything was dark, i tried to open up my eyes but i couldnt, they were stuck in place, forced shut, i tried to speak but no words came out, i couldnt open my mouth that also was firmly stuck in place. I tried to raise my arm to heave myself up but i couldnt move, my hands were tied behind my back, i wriggled around and were feet were also tied together very tightly, the floor i was laying on was very cold and metalic, i could feel the cold over my whole body, i was completley naked, in what seemed to be the back of a van.

Reality then hit me, i had been gagged with what felt like several layers of duct tape, a strip of tape had been pressed down over my eyes, handcuffs held my hands behind my back covered by layer upon layer of duct tape, i could feel the rope that held my ankles together, rubbing against my skin under more layers of tape, whoever had done this to me clearly didnt want me going nowhere.

I  had been kidnapped there was no doubt about that, but by who and for what reason, the last thing i remember was jackin' of to some Zac Efron fake porno, i dont even think i got to come, i was knocked out! Someone put a cloth over my mouth with some funky smelling stuff on it, next thing i know i'm here in the back of a van bound and gagged, oh and naked, why was i naked. My clothes had been torn off i could feel the loose threads still hanging off me, i felt damp or moist like someone had rubbed baby lotion all over my body. My cock was hard as a rock, i was scared of what was happening to me but been tied up like this really turned me on.

I could hear a whistling getting closer and closer to where i was in the back of the van, i struggled against my restraints and mmmppphhh-ed endlessly through my tight tape gag. I knew for sure i was in a van now as it shook when the back doors were opened, i stopped struggling and moaning and layed there motionless waiting for something to happen, the van shook once more as the person holding me captive jumped up into the back of the van with me.

It was a man, i could tell from the heavy footsteps and breathing, he began to laugh and i moaned through my gag, he began to speak, "well, well looks like your already starting without us boy, i knew that pill would make you nice and hard all night" the real reason i was hard i guess was down to a little blue tablet, he must of forced it down my throat before he gagged me, the man stood lightly on my chest and continued to speak, "i dont even think you needed that pill boy, you were the easiest to get hold of, to knock out and tie up, i think you secretly wanted this, now if follow simple instructions and obey us, you'll be back home within a week, if not i guess we'll just have to keep you all tied up longer, you understand boy?", i tried to say yes through the gag but just mmmpppphhhhh-ed instead, he began to laugh, probably at the fact i was bound and gagged at his mercy and there was noting i could do about it.

So many things were going through my head  right now, what did he mean 'obey us', there was more than just him? Where was he going to take me? Suddenly the questions stopped flying around in my head, i could feel the mans warm wet lips around the tip of my cock, i was shocked but it was nice, i let out a pleasurable moan as he licked my cock up and down sucking gently on the tip, rubbing my pecks and tweeking my nipples at the same time, i hadnt been this turned on in a long time, i was about to come, the man could feel it, he pulled his lips away while gently kissing the end of my cock and began to jack me off, i could feel it coming i could hold it in any longer, i came, it shot out in several streams some of it even reaching my face, the majority of it poured out on to my six pack, i couldnt stop moaning, i was sad it was over but it was the most amazing orgasm i had had since i was 16.

The man rubbed the hot come up and down my stomach, leaving it to cool and dry into me, the fun for now was over, the doors to the van opened again this time another mans voice began to speak, "you starting all the fun without us Josh, dont get too carried away now we got all week long to go", he was talking to me whoever had kidnapped me and tied me up like this already knew who i was, i didnt even recognise their voices as the other man continued, "take that tape of Josh's mouth i got a little treat for him for the journey".

The man who had just sucked me off, sat behind me on the floor of the van and sat me up, he whispered in my ear, "ok, no talking or the tape wont be coming of your mouth all week, not a word josh, or i will use every gag imaginable to keep your mouth shut, you got me?", i nodded as he began to unwind the tape from around my mouth, it was on tight layer after layer unravelled around my head until finally i could feel no tape left over my mouth, i took a deep inhale of air but that was it i did not speak.

The van shook rapidly it seemed the second man had also heaved someone up into the back of the van, in the same situation as me, i could hear the struggles and moans of protest through the persons gag, he seemed more resistant than me to be kidnapped and exposed the same way i had. Before i knew it my head was been shoved down, i was told to open my mouth so i did, my head was pushed further down until my mouth met with a cock as hard as my own, the other person tied up persisted to moan as my whole mouth was securely sucked around his cock, 'TAPE!' was what i heard through the moaning and then i could feel the pressure of the tape been wound around my head and wrapped around the other persons hips, the tape was wound and wound until i was unable to move my head, my face was securly pressed up against against this strangers crotch and my mouth firmly attached to his cock, i couldnt even pull away even if i wanted to the tape kept us tightly together.

The two men who kidnapped myself and this stranger jumped out the back of the van, a few seconds later the engine started up and the van was moving, been attached to someones cock and having your hands tied behind your back wasnt the most comfortable of things but these were the least of my problems, who knew what was going to happen to me and this stranger, only time will tell...

I'm still here!!!More pic coming soon...

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Hey, to the very few site members here, havnt been on here much, been very busy and waiting for the site to grow, although it seems to have grown by 8 members haha, i will be posting new pics and videos very soon, gathered quite a bit for you guys :) just got to try and make the site grow a bit bigger now so we can all take part in convo's and share stories and all that stuff, so anyway spread the word to friends and lets get this site off the ground!!!